Monday, July 25, 2016

Summer at Seabury: GROSSOLOGY!

Who knew a summer camp called Grossology 
could be so disgustingly fun?
The kids did!! 

And gross fun we had as we read books, wrote stories, learned about how our bodies work, created gross things in the Maker Space, cooked and baked (and ate!) interesting concoctions, played toilet tag, engineered slime tubes, watched gross animal videos, ate blood, performed lab tests, had burping contests and more, all in the name of grossness. 

Walter,  our class mascot
The black light shows how well we wash our hands
Good and bad germs
Eating layers of skin--ew!
Gross--this skin is dirty! (crushed Oreos)
The shirt says it best--pew!
We love slime, especially green slime!
All working together to engineer a slime tube
I vant to eat yourrrr blood!
Eating Bandaids for a snack
The parts of blood--red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets 
Dookie cookies. Yummmmm!  
Finger licking good
Making scat
Various types of animal scat
Testing the strength of toilet paper
One group discovered that toilet paper commercials are misleading. The "squeezable" brand isn't the strongest!
Testing the absorbency of paper towels. 
Testing how much water a baby diaper can hold
This group's diaper held over 1000 ML of water!
What makes a diaper absorbent? Opening up a wet diaper to find out
The grossest field trip ever--a trip to the Redondo Waste Water Treatment Plant. 
Each student graduated from the class with a degree in Grossology and an encouragement to keep exploring all things gross.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Web of Life--Interdependent on One Another

As we acted out the "web of life" with a ball of string, not only did we see how animals and plants are interdependent upon one another, but we saw that we classmates are interdependent upon one another. What a great year we have had learning together. 

We've also "transitioned" (concept of the year) 
a lot since September!

First day
Last day

Have a great summer, Navigators!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Mrs. Maitlen's Summer To-Do List

Prevent "Summer Slide," Seabury-Style 

Well, my first recommendation for preventing the summer learning loss known as the dreaded "summer slide" (and yes, this even happens to gifted kids) is to sign up for one of our awesome summer camps:
(Mrs. Towne and I are teaching Grossology and it is going to be REALLY gross and REALLY slimy and REALLY fun! Join us to learn all about sticky, goopy gross things, squishy, mushy gross things and bumpy, lumpy gross things!)

But if you're ready for a little less structure, that's OK too! Try one (or more) of the following:

My favorite list of summer activities for gifted kids is "The Summer Seven" at Mensa for Kids:
which includes watching TED talks, being a tourist in your own city, and ideas for learning a new skill.
Mensa for Kids also has some great educational games to practice grammar and math, as well as a fantastic reading list (see the Excellence in Reading tab). *Pioneer families, I sent a hard copy of this home in your Friday Folders on the last day of school.

Hoagie's gifted is also an awesome web resource, and their games for kids and teens span all content and interest areas. Click on the link for choices like: arts, theater & music; books & authors; brain teasers, logic puzzles & optical illusions; natural science; for the love of words; space; and virtual reality -- just to name a few!

I also love just about every You Tube video made by Sci Show Kids and Crash Course Kids - these cover a range of science topics and all kinds of other cool concepts.

If your child would like to build on some of the things we've learned about this year, here are a few great sites:

Citizen scientists/Nature mapping:
Endangered Species:
Make things:
Build on our family history projects:

Every Pioneer loved the computer this year -- here are some great sites for learning to code/design video games:
and if they must just play, at least have them create:

For more traditional core subjects -
My favorite is still Khan Academy for advanced math topics and practice (and a whole lot more - their tagline is "you can learn anything")

There are also great math, grammar, geography games:

Keyboarding skills are  great to develop over the summer. We use:
Dance Mat typing:
Typing Web:

And here are some interesting looking ipad apps:
Learn and create on all kinds of subjects (lots of videos) with Wonderbox
Create ibooks with Book Creator - we definitely have some students who would love to do this!

Set aside reading time daily and check out your local library -- they are ALWAYS running some great summer incentive programs!

Don't forget the Seabury Library now has a giant catalog of new e-books and audio books that your Seabury students can access all summer long through the Overdrive link! Our fabulous librarian, Ms. Becky, has picked out some great titles and there is something for every age and reading taste. Be sure to check it out, Seabury families! (Each Seabury student has a sign-in. User name: First name and last initial, all lower case. PIN: The last four digits of the phone number listed in the class list in the directory.)

I recommend you highly incentivize summer educational work (personally, I do a 1-1 educational to recreational computer use time in the summer for my highly video-game addicted child) -- what is your child passionate about that you can use as a carrot?

For whatever subject area you are focusing on, the key is to keep it fun, but keep it in practice.
And, of course, to find time to also get outside and have a GREAT summer!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

If I Were an Immigrant...

The Navigators have read several accounts and heard from several people of what it was like to be an immigrant in America. Often times people came with only the clothes on their back and one suitcase. We put ourselves into their shoes and imagined what it would be like. We each wrote the three top things we would pack. Here's a compilation of our lists. 

I'm moving to America and I'm going to take...
  • toy Legos because they are my favorite toy.
  • a jacket in case it gets cool.
  • a pair of clothes and a book because it's obvious.
  • bandages because I can get hurt.
  • books because you can be bored. 
  • video games because I play every day.
  • water to be hydrated.
  • my really huge peacock feather because it reminds me of good times.
  • medicine in case I am getting sick.
  • food and clothes in case I get hungry or cold.
  • my American Girl doll because I like her.
  • my toothbrush so I can stay healthy.
  • money to buy stuff.
  • a gun to hunt and protect.
  • Enoch-man to remind me of Minecraft.
  • sunscreen to put on. 
  • Bandaids to cover owies.
  • clothes because your other clothes might get dirty.
  • food so you don't die.
  • a stuffy and video games and sprite so I don't get bored. 
  • a special thing from home so I won't forget my home.
  • clothes so I won't be running around with no shirt or pants on.
  • food so I don't starve to death.
  • pomegranate because I love it!!!
  • first aid kit in case I get hurt, of course. 
  • food and water because those are two of the basics you need to live.
  • shelter because it is the third basic you need to live.
  • a stuffed animal to cuddle with.

We also wrote poetry that describes what an immigrant might be thinking, feeling and hoping. As six and seven year olds, the Navigators were quite able to grasp what it would be like. A great way to end our year of "transitions!"

I am A___.
I wonder what it will be like?
I hear it is full of freedom.
I see it already.
I want a nice school.
I pretend I'm at home.
I hear my tree shaking.
I worry it will be scary.
I hope it will be fun.
I try to act like a grownup.
I wish I was at home.
I understand some English.
I say mostly Chinese.
I dream of peacocks.
I imagine freedom.
I believe it is home.
I am A____. 

I am V____.
I wonder what it will be like.
I hear it's fun in Ellis Island.
I see how much fun they're having.
I want to have fun there.
I pretend I am not nervous. 
I hear that the country is beautiful.
I worry that I can be lost.
I hope I make new friends.
I try to be brave, too.
I wish I could understand the words.
I understand some words but not all.
I say, "Wow, I want to go there."
I dream I am having fun there.
I imagine I will be happy visiting there.
I believe my mom and dad.
I am seven years old.

I am Z____.
I wonder if there are phones.
I hear America is a very good place.
I see tall buildings. 
I want to bring my best friend.
I pretend I'm in the Statue of Liberty.
I worry I might get stolen.
I hope I have a beautiful house.
I try to keep my little brother entertained. 
I wish we have a really good house.
I understand quite a bit of American language.
I say, "I'm already having a good time."
I imagine I have a good house.
I believe we will have a good time. 
I am Z____.

I am a gold hunter.
I wonder if there's gold here.
I hear a storm.
I see gold.
I want gold.
I pretend I'm a normal person. 
I hear a hurricane.
I worry I'll die.
I hope I don't.
I wish it was easier.
I understand nothing.
I say nothing.
I dream I am rich.
I imagine being rich.
I believe I'll be rich.
I am going to be rich. 

I am I____.
I wonder if America is a good place.
I hear it is a very good country!
I see strange things.
I want new friends fast.
I pretend to be a grown-up.
I hear strange sounds.
I worry if we will make it.
I hope we will.
I try not to worry about it.
I wish we were home.
I understand that it is a good country
I say, "I am happy in America!!"
I dream that my family was here.
I imagine we are there.
I believe it is good.
I am I____.

I am G____.
I wonder if it will be easier.
I hear that its awesome.
I see the Statue of Liberty.
I pretend I've been here.
I hear it is more safe.
I hope I fit in.
I try to fit in.
I wish I will get friends.
I understand that I have to be good.
I say, "I am AWESOME!"
I dream that I'm not new.
I imagine people will be nice.
I believe that I will make friends.
I am G____.

I am E____.
I wonder if it smells.
I hear America is a good place.
I see Ellis Island.
I want new clothes.
I pretend I can be anything I want.
I hear you get rich in America.
I worry I can't go there.
I hope I get to go.
I try to to more food.
I wish I could sleep.
I understand it will take a long time to go to sleep.
I say "I'm thirsty."
I dream I have a big bed.
I imagine I can stretch.
I believe I'm thirsty.
I am E___.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Around the World Immigration Fair

The Navigators' families literally come from all over the world. What fun it was to celebrate our various cultures and to learn so much about each other.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Beach Day: The Best Annual Tradition!

Bubble shape geometry

What kids make Chimney Rock at the beach!? :)
The biggest "catch"
One of the lowest tides of the year

A meandering stream runs through it.
Burying our classmates
Ta da! Mount Rushmore

Sunscreen Schmunscreen. It's gotta be done. 
A thumbs up kind of day
And a two-handed high five!